Art on track 2016 is over, and was our best event to date! This year we where able to for the
first time utilise our own funds for the R20 000 prize. This year we topped our previous years sales of art, and managed to sell in total R110 000.00 worth of art, which is a fantastic achievement considering how cash trapped many are at the moment. We hope that the event continues to grow, and that artists (and buyers) will continue to support this platform, this year we had a total of 80 entries and an increase in local artist participation (Calitzdorp, van Wyksdorp and Ladismith). We hope to see you all next year. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other artists and build on relationships and community.

Our guest artist was Gustav Roller, you may remember his graffiti board at the exhibition. It is the first time that Gustav has taken part in an exhibition of his work, and it became an integral part of the exhibition. Every morning he would sneak in, make some adjustments and add more to the board. Gustav’s board was sold on auction for a tidy sum, congratulations Gustav, and we hope to see you next year.

Winner of the Art on Track 2016  

Marinda Combrink took the prize for the Art Competition with her “Freaky” painting of multiple eyes. The painting was also sold on auction along with her other entry. Well done Marinda ! 


Click Calitzdorp Winners

The click Calitzdorp Competition, was started in February 2016. The purpose of this was to encourage locals and visitors to submit their cell phone photos of life in Calitzdorp and its surrounds. 2 donated Nikon digital pocket cameras were up as prizes, one for the best photo, and one for the photo best representing Calitzdorp. Over 50 entries where submitted, and the two winners where announced on auction night. 


Sue Grant  Best Photo - The Pegasus Building in Calitzdorp    


Lindzay Coetzee Photo best representing Calitzdorp - Looking down Queen Street

Freaky Food 


The freaky food competition was introduced as a twist to the competition, and contenders where invited to produce food which was freaky or strange. The food then became the snacks provided at the auction. The judge for this was a foodie visitor from Johannesburg, Laura Selmer – Olsen.    

This cake was then auctioned off for R600, and shared with all at the auction…Thanks Buck and Yvonne. The proceeds have been donated to the Community Chest, and Peter has declined any prize money.

Frederick from van Rensburg Auctions at work