The Arts Commitee of Calitzdorp would like to thank all who where involved in making this event possible. We should always remember that volunteers are roped in to assist, and they receive no financial reward for their efforts, their time or any of their expenses. This goodwill is what makes a community come together. These volunteers included the members of the Arts Committee, the artists who visited each day to see if they could help (and bring cookies!), the staff at the station who helped clean up and of course all those who helped with the food the auction and the judging.

We would like to extend a special thanks to all those artists who put themselves out there each time, just to be apart of the experience (Not always expecting to sell!). WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

To all the members of the community who took the time and made the effort to come along and have a look, vote and chat thank you for the time you spent with us. 

To our auctioneer from van Rensburgs Auctioneers, Frederick and his wife Sonja, thank you again for taking the time to be with us, and once again helping with making it a success!

To our judges, Hylton Nel, Mary-Anne Botha and Kevin Lovell, who gave of their time, their energy and their expertees, it is greatly appreciated.              

To our wine cellars who always sponsor port and wine, thank you for always being willing to give a little something.

To Dennis Kalil and Doris Brand, thank you for the paintings you donated for the auction, this money will be put to good use for next year.

And Finally.....

Cheryl and Mike, always, always there to help, give and enjoy...thanks.    


The Winning Entry by Derek McKenzie