Once again its time to get creating, for that prize! This year the Prize is R20 016, as it is 2016! So come on and enter our annual art competition and exhibition held at the Calitzdorp Railway Station 

This year we have decided on a theme, which at first may seem daunting, but once you think about it gives you latitude to create something special. Remembering that something so simple as a blue banana may be considerd as freaky! Below we have added the dictionary definition and some synonyms to help you on your way.                   



Very odd, strange or eccentric

“ a freaky coincidence”

Synonyms: strange, peculiar, odd, bizarre, queer, curious, funny, eccentric, outlandish, offbeat, off- centre, unusual, abnormal, atypical, untypical, anomalous, out of the ordinary, out of the way, extraordinary, irregular, deviant, aberrant, freakish, surreal, eerie, unnatural, perverse, unexpected, surprising,

Informal use: screwy, way out,  wacky, oddball, creepy, spooky.

Entry Rules

  • Paintings and Photography - Maximum  A2
  • Sculpture  -  No restrictions.  If it is too large to be exhibited inside it must be able to be displayed in the garden.
  • Current work only to be submitted and not have been previously displayed.
  • All pieces submitted must be for sale.
  • Prices of works will be displayed.
  • All work, unless sold , must be available for auction.
  • Artists can stipulate reserve price.
  • Submissions limited to 2 pieces.
  • All work will be accepted for the competition.
  • The winning entry will be by public vote 50% and by a panel of no less than 3 judges 50%.
  • Entry fee of R100-00 per entry
  • Artists are responsible for all costs of getting art to and from the competition / exhibition 
NEW Invited Artist 

In order for us to maintain interest and to keep the exihibition fresh, we have decided to include an invited artist (who will be chosen by the committee). This artist may enter a work of their choosing, in a format chosen by them. Only one entry is permitted and apart from the possibility that the size of the work may be larger, all other rules apply. 

There will be 1 prize for the overall winner

Banking Details : Arts Committee of Calitzdorp, Standard Bank, Branch : 051001 Account No: 302120777
Delivery of Art Pieces
Pieces can be delivered in person, my mail or by courier as follows: 
The Postal address is
Gallery Route 62 
Po Box 252 
For Courier Delivery (Delivery acceptance everyday except Mondays)
Gallery Route 62
16 Queen Street