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During the 2008/9 global economic downturn, tourism played a critical anti-cyclical role in support of our national economy, and contributed significantly to our gross domestic product, foreign exchange earnings and poverty reduction. In South Africa, as in the rest of the world, tourism remains one of the fastest-growing economic sectors, with huge potential for future job creation and social inclusion, in particular with regard to women and young people.

The backbone of any tourism industry is its domestic market. With domestic tourism contributing over 70% of our country’s tourism volume as well as sustaining and creating much-needed jobs, building the domestic tourism market is a priority.

Tourism will continue to address issues raised by the President in his State of the Nation addresses in 2011 and 2012respectively. To ensure the achievement of the sector’s targets, the Department will work harder than ever to implement the National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS).

Government is committed to working towards ensuring that tourism becomes rooted at local government levels to promote ownership by local communities, with a particular emphasis on community development and job creation. Through the NTSS we seek to provide for capacity development at local government level. The department will work with provinces and municipalities to ensure integration of tourism priorities in the provincial growth and development strategies (PGDS) and Integrated development Plans (IDPs). The department also has a programme to support provincial and local government tourism growth and development.

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